Phase 3: Ovulation

Phase 3: Ovulation

Apr 09, 2023Sari Eitches, MD

Can you feel it?

Ovulation occurs about midway through your cycle, on average of 14 days before you get your next period. Your fertile window includes the 3- 4 days before, and the one day after ovulation. This phase is characterized by the highest peak of estrogen all month.

The surge of estrogen can be experienced as a boost in mood and social energy. Some women experience symptoms like breast tenderness and ovarian cramping called “mittelschmerz,” which means “middle pain.” You may also notice a change in discharge as cervical mucus thickens during this phase.

The ovulation phase can change cycle-to-cycle, or look different for everyone. Sometimes ovulation may not happen at all, especially if your period just started, during breastfeeding, while on the pill, entering perimenopause, or with certain conditions like PCOS. Sometimes ovulation may just not happen while regular period still does, and there is simply no known cause.

To maximize this phase of your cycle, pair Lunar Sync with high quality nutritious foods. Phase 3 includes vitex chaste berry extract to alleviate the mild mood changes, aches and bloating that accompany ovulation, and milk thistle extract which supports liver function and the metabolism of these high hormone levels. Testosterone is also high during ovulation, so take advantage of the energy boost by engaging in more powerful workouts. You might also experience higher libido and desire, a sudden boost in confidence and increased focus, so take advantage of all of that (!) by adding fun social engagements to your calendar, making plans with friends, or going on a hot date.

What to eat? 

Support liver function with anti-inflammatory foods like  broccoli, nuts, grapefruit, berries, olive oil and spinach. 

What to do? 

Set up meetings, collaborate, make plans. Libido is high during this time and you’re most fertile so if you’re trying to conceive, now is the time! 

How to workout? 

Testosterone is high during this phase so HIIT, running or your favorite Peloton class works. Get in your high intensity sweaty workouts now as mid cycle ovulation provides energy and focus.

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