Phase 4: The Luteal Phase

Phase 4: The Luteal Phase

Apr 09, 2023Sari Eitches, MD

The final stage in your body’s menstrual cycle, the luteal phase, occurs after ovulation. Progesterone levels are their highest and estrogen has its second surge, in the body's preparation for a potential pregnancy. When pregnancy does not occur, these hormones crash in time for the next period. 

In some women, this hormonal rollercoaster can bring on anxiety, brain fog and the sleep and mood changes of PMS. Prostaglandin levels begin to increase, which increases inflammation and bloating. To help offset these symptoms and sail through the luteal phase, we’ve formulated Phase 4 of Lunar Sync with white willow bark extract, Ginkgo biloba and vitamin B6 to help improve swelling, overall energy and mood and to lessen cramps. 

Flow through your luteal phase by taking Lunar Sync and following cycle syncing practices, like making gentle intuitive lifestyle tweaks while allowing yourself plenty of grace. Staying in tune with the body’s infradian rhythm and following the supplementing protocol will allow PMS symptoms to become a thing of the past.  

What to eat? 

Magnesium rich foods such as nuts, greens and dark chocolate will help ease muscle tension and support sleep.

What to do? 

Consider this your ultimate self-care time. Stay home, light your favorite candle and just… chill. Keep outside stimulation to a minimum and focus on yourself as the body prepares for the month ahead. At work it is a great time to “nest”- edit, audit, reflect and vision.

How to workout? 

Mobility and recovering is key here, so turn to low intensity workouts like pilates and hikes. Try streaming a flow class from the comfort of your own home for the ultimate comfort and to express movement fully on your terms. 

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