Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Lunar sync if I’m trying to conceive?

Yes, Lunar Sync is safe to take while trying to conceive and may support ovulation. Stop use once you become pregnant.

Can I take Lunar Sync if I’m pregnant?

Lunar Sync is not intended for use during pregnancy.

What’s the difference between the circadian rhythm and the infradian rhythm?

Our circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm that syncs our internal body systems, like wakefulness, to the 24 hour day rhythm of the sun.
The infradian rhythm refers to cycles that last longer than this, such as the monthly lunar cycle of menstruation.

Can I take Lunar Sync if I’m on the pill?

Yes, start day one on the first day of your placebo pills, or the first day of your bleed. 

What age is appropriate to start taking Lunar Sync?

Lunar Sync has been tested in people ages 15 and up.

I have allergies/sensitivities, can I take this product?

Lunar Sync contains no gluten, dairy, GMO or animal products.

What if my cycle is longer than 30 days?

Take Lunar Sync daily until you run out. Then, start a new pack on the first day of your next period.

What if my cycle is shorter than 30 days?

Take Lunar Sync daily until you get your period, then start a new pack. 

What if I miss a dose?

It is safe to double up on the next day’s dose, regardless of the phase you are on.

What if I don’t bleed?

Simply start a new pack with each new moon. Many of our customers who do not bleed still report excellent benefits in their mood and energy fluctuations.

Do I need a daily vitamin?

There is no need for an additional multivitamin while you are taking Lunar Sync. However, if you love yours, you can continue without overdoing any ingredients.

How is Lunar Sync different from other PMS supplements?

Our formula changes throughout the menstrual cycle to address ovulation symptoms and PMS symptoms as they occur. It is the only cycle syncing supplement on the market.

Are there any interactions with other medications?

Consult with your physician if you are currently on any prescription medications.

Do I need to take it with food?

Lunar Sync can be taken with or without food.

Does time of day matter?

Lunar Sync can be taken any time of day.

Which items should I avoid -  food and/or supplements, if any?

There are no known food or supplement contraindications.

What other benefits might I experience after starting Lunar Sync?

Our clinical trial showed that Lunar Sync improves symptoms of PMS, cramps and bloating. Our customers have also reported better sleep, more energy, fewer headaches and clearer skin.

How long might it take to start feeling the benefit of Lunar Sync?

Some of our customers report feeling better right away. Dr Sari recommends a three month trial for full therapeutic benefit.

How do I know if I need cycle support?

Anyone with a menstrual cycle is on an “infradian” or lunar rhythm, and experiences rhythmic, predictable fluctuations in their hormone and inflammatory blood levels. These fluctuations can affect mood and physical symptoms, and cycle support can be beneficial.

Additionally, those interested in syncing their own natural rhythms to the lunar rhythms may experience additional health benefits.

What are cyclic symptoms?

Cyclic symptoms are recurring symptoms that follow a consistent pattern. Women’s hormones and chemistry fluctuate throughout the month in a rhythmic way. Most menstruating women experience symptoms characteristic of each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

What is cycle syncing?

Cycle syncing is aligning nutrition, exercise and activity with the four phases of the menstrual cycle - menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal - to optimize mood and energy.

What is supplement cycling?

Supplement cycling is taking certain supplements for a specific period of time, and then not taking them for a specific period of time. Each Lunar Sync pack cycles supplements based on the four phases of the menstrual cycle, with the changing formulae rotating vitamins and herbs in and out, based on the body’s needs for that phase. For example, iron is only included in the capsules taken during phase 1 of the menstrual cycle.

What are natural rhythms?

Natural rhythms are naturally occurring external and internal rhythms that guide all that we do. Our daily and monthly cycles affect our body’s chemistry, physiology and metabolism. These rhythms guide energy, moods and sleep. When our rhythms are in sync, we are in flow and at ease – we are more energetic, productive, mindful, connected and content.