About our founder: Sari Eitches, MD

Meet the founder on a mission to change your monthly cycle. 

Lunar Sync is the first physician-developed, 100% natural cycling supplement for menstruating women. Lunar Sync is here to help you feel your best by giving your body exactly what it needs during each phase of your menstrual cycle. Our supplement is available in an easy-to-use monthly dose pack that you take daily to meet your needs no matter the time of month. 

So who is *the* Dr. Sari behind your monthly Lunar Sync?

Dr. Sari Eitches is a dual board-certified holistic internist who has treated thousands of patients through her training in New York and at her concierge practice at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles. She’s sought out by a high profile clientele and is frequently featured in the media for her expertise in supplements and women’s wellness. She is a highly regarded consultant as a thought leader in evidence-based holistic medicine.

As the trend of cycle syncing- aligning one’s nutrition and exercise habits to their menstrual phases- started to gain popularity, Dr Sari found the paradigm for her long-time recommendations for women to take certain vitamins, minerals and herbs at corresponding times of their menstrual cycles. The concept of supplement cycling was born- we are not the same every day of the month, and our daily vitamin shouldn’t be either. 

Dr Sari saw profound benefits in her patients and was moved to formulate and patent Lunar Sync- the world’s first cycling supplement for every time of the month.

Sari pored over hundreds of clinical studies to develop a unique combination of supplement cycling to treat the rhythmic symptoms of menstruating women. She then introduced a beta version of Lunar Sync to her practice in 2018. The results were so positive and dramatic she was moved to make these supplements accessible to all. In 2021, her current formulation was patented and proven effective in a clinical study. And with that, Sari’s vision was fully realized, and Lunar Sync was officially born!

Fun Facts:

  1. Sari married her med school sweetheart and they have 2 little ones
  2. Sari and her entire family are vegans (they try not to be the annoying kind)
  3. Sari is a member of Mensa- the high IQ society
  4. Before becoming a doctor, Sari was a marathoner, a yoga teacher and a spin instructor