Dr. Sari Eitches is a dual board-certified holistic internist who has treated thousands of patients in New York City and Los Angeles for over 12 years. Dr Sari is sought out by a high profile clientele and is frequently featured in the media for her expertise in supplements and women’s health. She is a highly regarded consultant as a thought leader in evidence-based holistic medicine.

In her integrative concierge practice at Cedars-Sinai, she came across hundreds of women whose physical and emotional symptoms varied with the phases of their menstrual cycles.  While conventional doctors addressed these symptoms by prescribing birth control pills or antidepressants, Dr. Sari saw a growing demand for natural alternatives.

Dr. Sari noticed rhythmic patterns, such as fatigue, pain and loss of quality of life, among these women and was inspired by how universal their experiences were. She began to think about women’s needs throughout their entire monthly cycle as opposed to their 5-7 day period.

Dr Sari poured over hundreds of clinical studies to develop a unique combination of supplement cycling to treat these varied rhythmic symptoms. She introduced a beta version of Lunar Sync to her practice in 2018. The results were so positive and dramatic that she was moved to make these supplements accessible to a wider audience beyond her boutique specialty practice. In 2021, the current formulation was patented and proven effective in a clinical study.

  • Our Purpose

    To empower women to have an allowance for their natural rhythms and compassionately support their fluctuating needs for optimal wellness. 

  • Our Vision

    A world where all women are seen and heard.

Our Product

Dr. Sari’s Lunar Sync is the first physician-developed, 100% natural cycling supplement for menstruating women. 

Unlike other daily vitamins or PMS supplements, Lunar Sync is a series of four uniquely compounded supplements for each phase of the menstrual cycle. This patented 30-day dose pack supports consistent use of one daily capsule, formulated to:

Relieve cramps, reduce fatigue and improve brain fog in Phase

Increase energy and metabolism, support thyroid and mood in Phase 2

Alleviate moodiness and breast tenderness, support hormone balance in Phase 3

Decrease pain, inflammation, bloat and headache in Phase 4

As the first product to address supplement cycling, Lunar Sync minimizes the number of individual supplements needed, targets specific symptoms as they occur, and empowers menstruating women to address their bodies’ natural rhythms.