the world's first cycle syncing supplement

Lunar Sync

for every time of the month

This patented, physician-developed, and 100% natural supplement is formulated to meet the fluctuating needs of women.

The Power of Nature, The Precision of Science

Physician Developed

Our formulations are evidence based, clinically tested and patented.

100% Natural

Lunar Sync is made in the USA with the highest quality botanicals, minerals and vitamins.

Cycle Synced

You’re not the same every day of the month, your daily supplement shouldn’t be either.

Lunar Sync

Try the first cycle syncing supplement with unique benefits for each of the menstrual cycle’s four phases, available in a convenient and easy-to-use monthly dose pack.

Meet Your Natural Rhythm

This 100% natural supplement is formulated to meet the fluctuating needs of women. Try Lunar Sync today!


The menstrual phase aka your period: phase 1 is formulated to relieve cramps, reduce fatigue and ease brain fog
Late Follicular

Late Follicular

The late follicular phase- the body’s time to recover from the last period and prepare for ovulation: phase 2 is formulated to support energy, metabolism, thyroid health and mood
Ovulation & Early Luteal

Ovulation & Early Luteal

Ovulation- estrogen peaks: phase 3 is formulated to assist in hormone metabolism, support liver function and alleviate the mild mood changes and breast tenderness of mid-cycle
Late Luteal & PMS

Late Luteal & PMS

PMS and late luteal phase- progesterone levels peak and crash along with estrogen: phase 4 is formulated to alleviate PMS mood and physical discomforts including pain, swelling and bloating.

Meet Your Natural Rhythm.

What our customers are saying

Jennifer L.Customer

"I'm loving your lunar sync supplements so far!! My cramps and fatigue are soooo much better! This is the first period I haven't needed Advill!!!"

Jess H.Customer

“I need to get back on Lunar Sync ASAP. Apparently, I’ve been in a bad mood since I stopped taking the supplement. Send me more, pretty please?”

Jessica T.Customer

“I have loved …  the daily supplement formula you have created. The first month I was getting used to the beneficial supplements and now I have loved how they helped my body. I have seen a huge difference in just the [first] 2 months and would love to continue these amazing supplements.”

Emilie P.Customer

“I am almost surprised by the start of my period because the week before I feel so much more normal. Also my periods are significantly more regular.”

Angels L.Customer

"I'm a huge fan of the lunar sync. I've been taking it for over two months and notice a difference. I usually have bad cramping, but no cramps the last couple months at all. Definitely much better cycles than before. Thanks for creating this product!"

Traci C.Customer

“Overall improved mood and sustained energy levels throughout the day.”

Susan R.Customer

“It was actually hard to tell when my period was coming because PMS symptoms were so subdued.”

Emily R.Customer

“Definitely noticing improvement in moodiness and emotional stability! Little to no cramping!”

Bea R.Customer

“I no longer fluctuate by 5 pounds when I am on my period. And my PMS symptoms are entirely gone!”

Created by a dual board-certified MD