The first cycle syncing supplement for every time of the month.

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Meet Your Natural Rhythm

You’re not the same every day of the month. Your daily supplement shouldn’t be, either. Unlike other daily vitamins or PMS remedies, Lunar Sync provides a series of four, uniquely-compounded supplements for each phase of your menstrual cycle. 

  • Menstruation

    AKA “the period.” The time when the uterine lining is shed. This can be accompanied with a range of other symptoms, like  discomfort and  cramping. Progesterone and estrogen levels dip to their lowest of the month, which some people actually experience as a relief from their PMS mood symptoms. Iron is lost in the blood, which can cause fatigue, brain fog and decreased endurance.

  • Late Follicular

    Enter a more mellow phase for your body. Think of this as a time of recovery from menstruation, as your body prepares for ovulation. Many say they sleep best during this time of the month, and report feeling energetic. 

  • Ovulation + Early Luteal

    Mid-cycle, estrogen levels are at their highest. That means you’re likely to feel your most confident, with increased libido and energy overall. Some may also experience mood changes and breast tenderness while hormones fluctuate.

  • Late Luteal + PMS

    Progesterone levels peak about a week before our periods. This can bring on the sleep and mood changes of PMS. prostaglandin levels increase, which causes inflammation and bloating.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “[My husband] says I need to get back on Lunar Sync ASAP. Apparently, I’ve been in a bad mood since I stopped taking the supplement. Send me more, pretty please?”

    - Jess H.

  • “It was actually hard to tell when my period was coming because [PMS] symptoms were so subdued.”

    - Susan R.

  • “Overall improved mood and sustained energy levels throughout the day.”

    - Traci C.

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