The Lunar, Infradian Rhythm

The Lunar, Infradian Rhythm

Apr 09, 2023Sari Eitches, MD

Our bodies are complex systems that rely on a variety of internal and environmental rhythms to function properly. Two of the most important biorhythms are the infradian and circadian rhythms. These two rhythms dictate the patterns of behavior and biological functions that keep the beat of our lives. Learning, appreciating and allowing for these rhythms can be crucial to feeling our very best.

While circadian rhythms follow the 24 hour, solar clock that is foundational to most other biohacking practices, it is the infradian, lunar, monthly rhythm that paces our menstrual cycles. Longer, annual infradian rhythms also affect seasonal changes in mood and metabolism and even hibernation in animals.

The menstrual cycle follows a classic monthly infradian rhythm that is responsible for the monthly period, ovulation and pms phases. The vast majority of menstruating women experience physical and emotional symptoms that time with the phases of their menstrual cycle, such as fatigue, cramping, and mood swings. Monthly fluctuations in our metabolism, energy, productivity and mood are part of the natural fluctuations of the hormones and prostaglandins that run healthy female reproductive physiology. Unfortunately these symptoms are often dismissed or stigmatized, which can create a barrier to us developing an intuition and flow with our infradian rhythm. When we learn to flow with these phases we can welcome in more ease and harmony to our lives.

Lunar Sync's evidence-based ingredients are formulated to address the needs of each phase of the cycle, and your body's fluctuating symptoms. Made with the highest quality botanicals, minerals and vitamins, it helps quell physical, emotional and mental discomforts through the highs and lows of your cycles. Our beta testers reported such a drop in their pms that they didn’t even know when their period was coming, aside from tracking their cycle with our handy monthly dose pack.

The menstrual cycle is a crucial example of an infradian rhythm, and governs women’s bodily functions and monthly experience. By recognizing the role this rhythm plays in our daily lives, we can begin to anticipate and even harness its ebbs and flows to suit our lifestyle.

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