Phase 2: The Late Follicular Phase

Phase 2: The Late Follicular Phase

Apr 09, 2023Sari Eitches, MD

And then we get ready to do it all over again.

After the period ends, we are still in the follicular phase until ovulation. During this time, a dominant follicle matures in the ovary and estrogen levels begin to rise.. So what does that mean for your body and everyday wellness?

During this phase, you may feel a lift from the energetic fog of menstruation. As the song goes, “here comes the sun, it’s been a long cold lonely winter.” 

To support the body through the follicular phase, Lunar Sync is formulated with the methylated form of vitamins B12 and folate to help increase overall energy and encourage the metabolism, while vitamin D3 helps alleviate any mild mood changes associated with this phase. We also added selenium and kelp-based iodine to support thyroid function and mood as a whole. 

What to eat? 

As you feel called to them, incorporate lean proteins and dark, leafy greens high in crucial vitamins and nutrients to keep your body fueled. That might be as simple as grabbing a greens and grain bowl. 

How to plan?

Utilize the high energy and cognitive function associated with this time: plan important work meetings, or setting up something social like meeting a new friend for coffee. 

How to workout? 

Many say they sleep best during this time of the month, and report feeling energetic. Make the most of it by using this time to get in higher intensity workouts like running or a bootcamp class.

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