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What It Is: The first patented, physician-developed, and 100% natural cycle syncing supplement with unique benefits for each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle. 

Recommended Usage: This patented 30-day dose pack supports consistent use of one daily capsule. Begin taking Day 1 on the first day of your period. 

Our Mission: We are on a mission to change your monthly cycle. Lunar Sync is the first system to address supplement cycle syncing, minimizing the number of individual supplements needed to target specific symptoms as they occur. 

Benefits of Cycle Syncing: The menstrual cycle is so much more than just the week you get your period: it’s actually made up of four phases throughout the month, with associated hormone fluctuations and bodily needs that typically accompany each. By tailoring your lifestyle to your 28-day cycle, your body can massively benefit.

Phase 1 - Menstruation: relieve cramps, reduce fatigue and improve brain fog

Phase 2 - Late Follicular: increase energy and metabolism, support thyroid and mood

Phase 3 - Ovulation & Early Luteal: alleviate moodiness and breast tenderness, support hormone balance 

Phase 4 - Late Luteal & PMS: decrease pain, inflammation, bloat and headaches


Gluten Free


Made in the USA

1% for the Planet

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From Our Customers

Meet Your Natural Rhythm

Created to support your natural rhythm


Phase 1 - is formulated to relieve cramps, reduce fatigue and ease brain fog.
Late Follicular

Late Follicular

Phase 2 - is formulated to support energy, metabolism, thyroid health and mood


Phase 3 - is formulated to assist in hormone metabolism, support liver function and alleviate the mild mood changes and breast tenderness of mid-cycle


Phase 4 - is formulated to alleviate PMS mood and physical discomforts including pain, swelling and bloating
The power of nature, the precision of science.

PMS Is Not A Punchline

Our patented formulations are evidence based and clinically tested.

Physician developed

100% Natural

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Katie Kiefner
Life-changing — no joke!

I seriously treat Lunar Sync like it’s a prescription med because it’s that crucial to my everyday well-being. I just feel so much more balanced and less moodier (and less bloated during PMS!) since I started taking it 6 months ago. If I could tell every woman to take just one supplement, this would be it!!

Jessica H.
best thing to happen to my cycle, EVER.

I have been taking Dr. Sari's Lunar Sync for 7+ months. My biggest concerns before taking the supplement, were 1) mood swings + irritability, 2) fatigue, 3) heavy bleeding, 4) cramps, and 5) bloating. Within the first three months of starting the supplement, I felt a significant decrease in irritability, fatigue and cramps. (I've stopped taking any pain medication during my menstrual phase.) My partner commented multiple times on the fact that I was consistently in a better mood, when I would typically have mood swings, 7-10 days before menstruating. I also have more energy and less fluctuation in my weight throughout the month. I took a break from the supplement for one month and felt those symptoms return. I have now been consistently back on it for 3 months, and am so happy! I can't believe this hasn't existed until now.

alexa Brown
Game Changer

I've always had awful symptoms around my period. Lunar Sync has helped me tremendously and also saved time and money by bringing it all into one daily pill!

So happy to have found Lunar Sync!

My period cramps and pms are the worst.. so when I saw all the benefits of Lunar Sync, I knew I just had to try the supplements! I was nervous at first and thought it was placebo but ...... oh my goodness. I am not afraid of my period anymore and it actually introduced me to cycle syncing. I am so much happier now cyclical living.

Kate Wernick
Life changing

I had no idea a product could have such a profound effect on my cycle. Thank you Dr Sari!

For every time of the month.

Clinical Study Results

Lunar Sync besta testers reported significant improvement in these symptoms:


decreased fluid retention


decreased PMS


decreased period pain


improved energy

Breast Pain

decreased mastalgia

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

lighter flow


better sleep


clearer skin